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Our team of expert developers can quickly deliver innovative web application and Web3 development solutions with improved security and optimized performance.

We offer Innovation, Optimization, Automation, and enhanced Security...

BawdicSoft is a web application development and Web3 solutions provider founded in 2018.We present all the latest technologies such as Web3.0, Web development, Software Development, Web application, E-Commerce & Web store development, Decentralised exchanges, NFT Market development Artificial Intelligence, and AR/VR all under one umbrella. We aim to provide full-stack digital solutions to our customers integrating state-of-the-art technologies and emerging ideas into their business.

Our Expertise

Web Application Development

We specialize in creating responsive UI and UX design using React, Vue, and Next JS. By integrating database such as Mongo DB, AWS, or Firebase we provide end to end web application development solutions.

Be it your website, web application or E-Store, we cover it all for you. We secure the frontend results with structured backend code that completely fulfills customer requirements.

Blockchain / Web3 Development

BawdicSoft modernizes your business using emerging Blockchain / web3 technology in the digital world. We strengthen businesses and bring agility using custom logic and smart contracts. We are an NFT development company dealing in NFTs, NFT marketplace, Defi, Smart contracts, DEX (decentralized exchange), DAO, Dapp, Crypto, Blockchain ecosystems, Tokenomics, Wallet (i.e. Metamask), Cryptocurrency, and Metaverse. We integrate efficiency and security with automation into the mix.


Whatever your business is, we will bring value to it by incorporating our expertise and years of experience in transforming businesses using emerging tech.

Being a lean startup, we believe in optimization and automation of platforms. Our development process has a different approach to verify user satisfaction while developing web application and blockchain application for you.

Strategy & Research

We collect information about your requirements early on while developing business applications or blockchain projects. We add value to the data collected, present facts and figures to you and keey you posted with the whole development process.


Once project logic is finalized we jump right on to designing your front-end and dashboard. We share our inventory of pre-designed templates for your to choose from or start designing custom UI and UX as per your convenience.


When the design is agreed upon, we build your website to the highest standards and the programming language is selected according to your platform requirement with your complete knowledge. We create responsive and agile web applications for you.


After completion of the development process, we take you on a tour of your website or blockchain application and apply changes if required until the functions are upto your entire satisfaction.

QA / Testing

We make sure that the website is responsive and works up to international standards. We optimize speed and incorporate technical and on-page SEO in compliance with your requirement. We simulate and test on-page optimization while confirming SEO conformance at this stage.


Now that we have done everything possible to make sure that your website or application looks amazing, is functional, and most importantly meets our strict sustainability criteria, your website is attached to the host and domain to go live.


After the launch we monitor user behaviour and performance of your website/ application in the real world. Making iterative corrections ensures that the product is up to the mark and user-friendly. We ensure continuous improvements and data collection from the user experience. .

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